Nail Disorders: Photos, Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention

Nail Disorders

  1. Absent part: anonychia congenita
  2. Pitting: Psoriasis
  3. Cuticle invasion: lichen planus
  4. Dark brown pigmentation, ridging: nolia
  5. Distal onycholysis: Tinea
  6. Spoon nails: Iron deficiency
  7. Discoloured nails with inverted edges: Ectoderrmal dysplasia
  8. Clubbing: toxins-malignancy-hypoxia
  9. Short and overcut nails (biting): anxiety
  10. Splinter haemorrhage: infective endocarditis
  11. Yellow nail: lymphoedema-bronchiectasis-lumphoma
  12. Half and half: hepatic cirrhosis
  13. Ridging: Rheumatoid arthritis
  14. Longitudinal Brown Lines: Addison’s disease – Breast cancer – Melanoma
  15. White nails: anemia
  16. Red nail: polycythemia-systemic lupus
  17. Horizontal white and pink bands: Nephrotic syndrome
  18. Brittle Nail: detergents and water – hypothyrodism.