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AZFUNN Headband Magnifier 1.5X to 13X with LED Light, Head Mount Magnifier Free Hand Rechargeable Magnifying Glass for Close Work Reading Jwewlry Crafts Repair


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Product Description



3 LED Rechargeable Type Helmet Magnifier

Three LED lights are on front of helmet to ensure large uniform lighting area. Their lighting angles can be freely regulated.

The brightness of LED lights can be switched between strong light and soft light to meet different lighting requirement, thus protecting eyesight.

Separate regulating switch at back of headband can be used to easily regulate tightness degree of headband and fix it. Headband adopts environment material to bring comfortable wearing, facilitate perspiring and extend operating time.

Large-sized headband angle regulating whell can be regulated in time of wearing. Skid-proof design makes regulating easier.

It adopts separate lens design. If only one lens is used (when focal length becomes longer, magnifications is shortened), other lens can be folded upwards.

Two lenses have different magnifications, namely, 1.5x and 2.0x respectively. Use front lens (1.5x) to view ordinary objects, and upturn back lens. Use back Lens (2.0x) to view tiny objects, and upturn 1.5 front lens. In time of insufficient magnification, two lenses can be used simultaneously to reach 3.5x magnifying effect.

Back lens is replaceable. Product is attached with four replaceable lenses, namely, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x respectively. Replace back lens with lens of different magnifications when required, and sue small-size auxiliary lens to switch various magnifications between auxiliary lens and front lens. Max. Magnification can reach 13x.


Acrylic Optical Lens

There are six lenses with different multiples: 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3X, 3.5X, 8X

The lens material is made of acrylic, which has a clear image without distortion, a small refraction angle, and is lighter in quality than a glass lens.


8X Auxiliary Lens

Provide 8X round lens, can provide greater magnification, the folding and retracting design is convenient to use.


Combination of Two Lenses

1.5X + 8X

1.5X + 2X

1.5X + 3X

1.5X + 3.5X


3 Lenses Used in Combination

1.5X + 2X + 8X

1.5X + 2.5X + 8X

1.5X + 3X + 8X

1.5X + 3.5X + 8X





Comparison Table of Combined Lens Magnifications and Focal Lengths

Magnification Focal Length 1.5X 330mm 2X 250mm 2.5 200mm 3X 165mm 3.5X 142mm 8X 62mm 1.5X + 8X 52mm Magnification Focal Length 1.5X + 2X 142mm 1.5X + 3X 110mm 1.5X + 3.5X 100mm 1.5X + 2X + 8X 43mm 1.5X + 2.5X + 8X 41mm 1.5X + 3X + 8X 40mm 1.5X + 3.5X + 8X 38mm





Slot Design

2X, 2.5X, 3X, 3.5X lenses can be replaced to achieve ideal results.

Use soft cloth or paper to wipe dirt on lens.

Do not wpe lens and shell with chemical liquid like alcohol, gasoline etc.

Headband Height Knob

Rotate the headband height knob on both sides to adjust the angle of the headlight assembly, and then rotate the headband height knob again to fix it.

Headband Regulating Wheel

When you need to adjust the size of the headband, lift the Headband Regulating Wheel and press it again to lock the size of the headband.

Sponge Lining

There is a circle of soft sponge padding on the inner side of the turban for better head comfort.


Rechargeable Battery

Output voltage: 5V

Light power: 0.6W

Power waste: 1.5W




Eyelash Extension

Soldering, Electronic Repair


HANDS-FREE & EASY TU USE: AZFUNN headband magnifier of 1.5X to 13X has the advantages of easy to use, hands-free, high clarity, comfortable to wear, and replaceable magnification. It is very suitable for magnifying the details of objects at close range. Perfect for elderly as general reading aid, diamond painting, beading work, repairing jewelry jewelry making, watch repair, electronic repairs, watch making, delicate instrumentation, soldering, other small work and etc.
INTERCHANGEABLE LENS DESIGN: The material is acrylic optical lens, the magnifier has 4 interchangeable lenses (2.0X, 2.5X, 3.0X, 3.5X) and a round auxiliary 8X lens. 17 kinds of different magnifications can be obtained through the combination of lenses (1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3X, 3.5X, 4X, 4.5X, 5X, 8X, 9.5X, 10X, 10.5X, 11X, 11.5X, 12X, 12.5X, 13X).
COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: The inner side of the headband is wrapped with a soft sponge, which makes the head more comfortable when worn. Adjust the appropriate size through the headband regulating wheel (pull to adjust, press to lock). There are headband height adjustment knobs on both sides to adjust the height of the lens. No matter how big the head is, it can be worn perfectly.
RECHARGEABLE & ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHTS: LED head light with 3 led has the function of disassembling and adjusting the direction of illumination. When using, it can adjust the illumination direction of led for more precise illuminating angle. Fully-charged battery can make LED light last continuously for 8-12 hours.
HIGHT QUALITY LENSES: Made of shatterproof crystal clear magnifying acrylic lens designed, high definition, light weight. Ideal for people with low vision, hobbyists and professionals.

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AZFUNN Headband Magnifier 1.5X to 13X with LED Light, Head Mount Magnifier Free Hand Rechargeable Magnifying Glass for Close Work Reading Jwewlry Crafts Repair


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