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Ecordinary Eco-Friendly Natural Sponge for Zero Waste Kitchen, Compostable Cellulose Dishwashing Sponge, Biodegradable Dish Sponge – Pack of 4


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Product Description

Ecordinary Sustainable Natural Premium SpongesEcordinary Sustainable Natural Premium Sponges

A NATURAL SPONGE: a 100% green product made from natural materials only

Plant Based CellulosePlant Based Cellulose

Natural Loofah Natural Loofah

Cotton ThreadCotton Thread

Plant Based Cellulose

The cellulose used in our sponges is obtained from locally cultivated plants. Since about a third of the mass of every plant is cellulose, no tree is harmed to obtain this abundant material.

Natural Loofah

Our loofahs are sourced from local farms. They are mechanically pressed flat and cut into the right shape. During the manufacturing process, they are not bleached or treated with any other substances.

Cotton Thread

We use cotton thread to stitch together the cellulose sponge side and the loofah scrubber.

A SUSTAINABLE SPONGE: Green practices that we follow

Natural sponge for cleaning Natural sponge for cleaning

Natural sun dried spongeNatural sun dried sponge

Paper packaging for spongePaper packaging for sponge

Natural spongeNatural sponge

Natural all the way

Our primary goal is to keep the sponges as natural as possible and we make sure no glues are used in the manufacturing process.

Sun drying

In order to decrease energy consumption and eliminate any harmful and unnecessary treatments, our sponges are kept for days in the sunlight for thorough drying before they get packaged.

Green packaging

We keep our packaging and labeling minimal and we do not use plastic wrapping. Instead, the ECORDINARY sponges are packaged in recycled paper boxes.

Transporting by sea

To reduce the carbon footprint all our products are slowly transported by sea. We carefully select our working partners and we stay away from those who do not stick to green practices.

Ecordinary Natural SpongeEcordinary Natural Sponge

A SPONGE WITH PERSONALITY: different from other synthetic products

We made the ECORDINARY sponge for regular daily cleaning tasks. It will not scratch your precious crockery, crystal glasses, pots, and pans. For heavy-duty jobs, we recommend using an alternative cleaning tool. As every scrubber is made of a unique piece of loofah, they each have a unique character. During the first uses, some of the scrubbers may appear hard and stiff. They will gradually change with use, as loofah will become softer when exposed to hot water. When properly cared for, the sponge may last you months. We recommend washing it on the top rack of the dishwasher or soaking it in hot water weekly. Preferably, you should also use the sponge with green cleaning detergents. If you want to reduce waste and live a more sustainable and healthier life, it’s time you invite the ECORDINARY sponge into your home!

Ecordinary  Natural SpongeEcordinary  Natural Sponge


It’s never too late to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. You may believe this is just a sponge, and choosing it over other traditional sponges will not make any major impact. But if you think that somewhere around the world, millions of times along the week, a plastic sponge gets dumped into the trash, you may understand why your choice can and will make a difference.

You can too #bethegreenvoice!


Ecordinary Natural Sponge for Cleaning Ecordinary Natural Sponge for Cleaning

We dream small.

Ecordinary is a small family-owned business, born from our constant challenge of making more sustainable choices. At Ecordinary, we do not know how to make more efficient cars or build more efficient houses. Instead, we are committed to making everyday objects more sustainable and support those who are choosing to opt for a more conscious lifestyle.

Ecordinary multifunctional natural sponge ideal for everyday cleaning tasks
Eco sponge with an easy to twist scrubber made from natural cellulose and loofah; our plant-based kitchen sponges ensure a natural way to keep your home clean and green
Natural plant-based scrub sponge; if your goal is reducing your household waste, this is the zero waste sponge
Eco-friendly sponges that allow you to achieve a sustainable lifestyle; unlike other cleaning sponges, they do not come wrapped in plastic, but they are packaged in recycled paper
100% customer satisfaction; you can safely add the Ecordinary dish sponges to your cart, as full refunds are available, should your experience be less than perfect

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Ecordinary Eco-Friendly Natural Sponge for Zero Waste Kitchen, Compostable Cellulose Dishwashing Sponge, Biodegradable Dish Sponge – Pack of 4


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